My personal background and experience is within the arts, as consequence this was the catalyst which initially got me involved within aerial gymnastics. Having been referred to a company called ‘Freefall Aerial Circus’ as an undergraduate, whereby I undertook training as an additional aspect of my course of study.  There was a strong correlation between aerial dance and the modules studied as an under-graduate; therefore there was a natural synergy between the two.         .

Having attained my BA degree I continued to train within aerial arts, I am now affiliated with ‘Free-fall’ aerial circus company and have had continued experience within the field of aerial arts for eleven years. Much of my aerial performances have been influenced by the physicality of the ‘Commedia Dell Arte’ their stock caricatures in particular. I enjoy the process of exploring the correlation between physical theatre and how that translates to aerial and combining the two mediums to produce a performance narrative.


About me

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