Aerial arts refers to physical disciplines involving the use of apparatuses that hang down from a rig point were you then cam create different shapes using your body which can flow into various dance sequences.  There are different types of Aerial Arts such as Aerial hoop, silks, Trapeze, rope and straps etc.. In this studio we will be practising Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop.
Arts based education is essential in upholding a balanced intellect, in developing the ability to think creatively and independently in future roles in life; the arts encourage collaborative techniques which are essential transferable skills. Research has shown that arts subjects encourage social skills, such as good communication, team building, active listening, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and teaching others, qualities that are highly desirable and sought after by employees. For more information on arts within education

please follow the link provided to learn more about the Arts.

Aerial & Education

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