Aerial History

The aerial circus arts have a wonderful cultural heritage and rich social history, which encompasses multi-disciplinary art forms as a means of expression and performance narrative.  The first recorded circus being the ‘Circus Maximus’ of ancient Rome as early as 50 years BC. The modern circus has evolved however and now focuses upon personal achievements to create a high octane visual display.  It’s an incredible way to improve overall fitness   whilst toning your body and improving flexibility and strength in the process. It's an excellent way of improving core strength and balance whilst providing full body conditioning; it's an enjoyable and creative environment, which challenges you both physically and mentally, it incorporates multi-disciplinary art forms such as dance, physical theatre and aerial arts to convey a story.

It's also an excellent form of exercise.

Aerial is a balance of aerobic and anaerobic exercise technique, improving flexibility and increasing stamina, strength and all over body conditioning. Aerial circus arts combine a variety of disciplines such as artistry, grace, poise, balance, flexibility stamina, elegance, self-expression, motivation, concentration, team building, strength and fitness all into one enjoyable aerial session.


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